Chef Missy Mother Clucker Chicken Seasoning

Chef Missy Mother Clucker Chicken Seasoning

Chef Missy Mother Clucker Chicken Seasoning 3.2 oz net wt


Our Mother Clucker Chicken Seasoning is hand blended with garlic, thyme, onion, marjoram, sage,  paprika, black pepper, and New Mexico Lumbre chile powder. 


Mother Clucker Chicken seasoning is at first herby followed by a bit of mild smokiness with garlic notes and then finishes with a tinge of heat.


You can use this blend on chicken obviously, but you can also use it on vegetables and cheesy dishes. The richness of the garlic and onion is perfectly complimented by the heat of the chile powder and gives the two a good kick in cheese-based foods. The herbal flavor also complements cheeses quite nicely. 

This blend is great for veggie burgers as well. You can make a delicious black bean burger with this blend and the flavor will really surprise you. The smoky and spicy undertones compliment black beans like a match made in heaven. 

Eggs also taste phenomenal with this. Replace sriracha in your scrambled eggs with this to reduce sodium and still have that rich flavor you crave. 



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